Day centres open in Vilnius and Kaunas to continue long-standing wellness traditions


This year, day centres of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija open their doors in the main artery of Vilnius city, as well as in the heart of Kaunas city. Additionally in autumn, an exclusive 1000 sqm. rehabilitation and wellness centre will open at the Core Business Centre complex in Vilnius. Medical SPA extends over 50 years of successful treatment and rehabilitation experience to major cities.

According to the managing director of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija, Artūras Salda, with the increasing demand of wellness and medical rehabilitation, as well as the growing scope of the healthcare system, it was decided to open Eglės Rehabilitation centres in the major cities of Lithuania – Vilnius and Kaunas. “We aim to move closer to our clients, bringing years of experience in the wellness, the high level of expertise of our specialists and with more than a half a century old mission to aid people in improving their health”, says Artūras Salda.

More than 1 million successful wellness experiences

The Medical SPA treatments and medical rehabilitation based on natural factors, state-of-the-art technology and the climate has helped almost 1.2 million people to improve, regain and maintain their health at Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija. From now on, clients returning from Eglės Medical SPA to their hometowns – Vilnius or Kaunas – will have the opportunity to continue their recovery, medical rehabilitation or preventive health care without pause.

The Day Centre of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija at Konstitucijos ave. 20, Vilnius (Radisson Blu hotel building) offers therapeutic massages, therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy treatments that have been appreciated by the guests of Medical SPA for many years and have a great impact on the process of wellness. Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors at the Rehabilitation Centre provide the right treatment plan to get rid of or avoid troublesome health problems. It also accepts clients for initial outpatient rehabilitation for adults and for outpatient medical rehabilitation with a referral from the Territorial Health Insurance Fund.

At the core Kaunas, located at Vytauto pr. 37B, the Day Centre of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija offers a wide range of wellness and medical rehabilitation services. Adults and children can be consulted by 11 doctors of different profiles such as physical and rehabilitation medicine doctor, neurologist, neurosurgeon, a speech and language therapist, paediatrician etc. Spread over 3 floors of the building, the 1200 sqm. centre physiotherapy and occupational therapy practitioners offer individual and group exercises, therapeutic massages and a wide range of physiotherapy treatments including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, shockwave, laser and magnetic field therapy. Essential treatments to restore, strengthen and maintain your health under one roof!

The Day Centre of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija in Kaunas admits adults and children alike for initial outpatient rehabilitation and outpatient medical rehabilitation for musculoskeletal and neurological disorders with a referral from the Territorial Health Insurance Fund.

Modern Day centre with a mineral water buvette

In early autumn a modern, almost 1000 sqm. rehabilitation and wellness centre of the Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija, conveniently located in Vilnius’ Core Business Centre, will open its doors. So far, it will be the largest day centre of the Medical SPA in the city.

All visitors of the rehabilitation and wellness centre will be welcomed by the only mineral water buvette in Vilnius, where natural mineral water flows from naturally occurring deep underground deposits.

Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorija will be the first to bring Vilnius the pride of the Medical SPA, as well as another new addition to the centre – mineral baths and mineral mud (peat) application (mud wrap). Mineral bubble baths and mineral mud applications of a unique composition, which provides a wide range of therapeutic effects from now on will be available not only at the Medical SPAs, but also to the residents and visitors of Vilnius.

Upon entering the new rehabilitation and wellness centre, eyes will be drawn to the vertical pool. Physiotherapy sessions will be held in a warm pool of fresh mineral water, utilising authentic methods of treatment: exercises in a deep pool, against the wall, on the floor, with trapezes or wheels. The treatment will include spinal and joint stretching exercises, which relaxes and strengthens muscles, improves metabolism and blood circulation. It’s a real lifesaver for people with sedentary jobs and complaints of tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

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