Catering and cafés

Eating nutritious meals is one way to feel better. Perhaps the most important thing to be aware of and apply to your daily eating routine is moderation, awareness, and enjoyment of food.
Not a breakfast person? Arriving with children whose desires change as often as the weather? Or are you a grazing eater? At the Medical SPA you can live at your own pace as the guests can come to the dining room at their convenience and as many times as they like.
In addition to the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, hungry clients can grab a bite at the brunch and dinner snack bars, where they’ll find steaming all-natural beef or chicken broth, cottage cheese that can be flavoured with a variety of toppings, different spreads made from fish and sun-dried tomatoes, as well as liver pâté, eggs, a mountain of vegetables and fruit, and a selection of pastries.
To the delight of parents, the cafeterias can be visited as many times as needed. This is especially convenient when travelling with children!

Working hours I-V VI-VII
Breakfast 07:30-09:30 07:30-10:00
Pre-lunch snack bar 09:45–12:15 10:15–12:15
Lunch 12:30-14:30 12:30-14:30
Afternoon snacks bar 14:45–17:15 14:45–17:15
Dinner 17:30-19:30 17:30-19:30

Coffee shops

Standard Economy
Café „Burbulas“

Take a break between your treatments! Café offers refreshing drinks, coffee, tea, various desserts, ice cream and
other delicacies.

Working hours
I-VII 09:00-18:00
Lunch break 13:00-14:00
Café „Žalias sodas“

Here you can enjoy cold and hot snacks, salads, hot meals, drink coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juices, and treat yourself with dessert, attend various events and concerts, as well as see the nearby Winter Garden.

Working hours
I-VI 10:00-22:00
VII 10:00-20:00
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