Walking towards healthier future! Walking towards healthier future!

Walking towards healthier future!

In medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” located in Druskininkai, we present you a new therapeutic procedure – "Path towards health". It is a modern safe therapeutic procedure combining climatotherapy, kinesitherapy, and psychotherapy.

The body is trained by hardening it, applying climatotherapy, aerotherapy, heliotherapy, (in late spring, summer, early autumn), kinesitherapy, balneotherapy, peloidotherapy, the methods of hardware physiotherapy (for instance, daylight therapy: in autumn, winter, spring) by dispensing them in a specific season of the year respectively.

  • Climatotherapy uses the therapeutic factors of the forest climate surrounding the medical SPA, air, sunlight, pfytotherapy (treatment by using medical herbs).
  • Kinesitherapy operates the pulse frequency metering watches (devices), Nordic walking, diaphragmatic breathing, and sound gymnastics (exercise) in the garden of medical herbs, stretching exercises by the trees. By wearing a watch, metering the pulse, and walking with Nordic walking poles, you will feel much safer and steadily.
  • Psychotherapy uses the characteristics of landscape and reflexotherapeutic path.

Some of the main purposes of this integral procedure – restore biological body communication with nature, harden it, train it and restore psychoemotional balance.

During the procedure, active climatic factors: atmosphere pressure, air temperature, wind speed, air humidity, precipitation, infrared, visible light spectrum and ultraviolet radiation, cloudiness, landscape, a bigger amount of oxygen, light aeroions and ozone concentration, lower concentration of carbon dioxide, phytoncides, terpenes, and essential oils extracted from plants.

In the forest, while breathing fresh air and practising dispensed Nordic walking, diaphragmatic breathing, sound gymnastics, walking the reflexotherapeutic path, the systems of cardiovascular, respiration organ and motor-support apparatus improve, the vascular activity of the brain improves, the physical capacity of the body increases, and psychophysical state is normalised.

The procedure for the clients residing in the medical SPA is free. Registration is mandatory.

DS 1089

Stretching Exercises by the Trees


DS 1091

Sound Gymnastics


Reflexotherapeutic Path

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Pursuant to the order by the government of the Republic of Lithuania, during the quarantine in Lithuania, Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija does not provide services.
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