The 50th birthday year of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium is coming to an end. What have we achieved during this time? The 50th birthday year of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium is coming to an end. What have we achieved during this time?

The 50th birthday year of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium is coming to an end. What have we achieved during this time?

Birštonas Druskininkai
We believe that this year's festive atmosphere was felt by everyone who entered Medical SPA Eglė Sanatorium! You didn't even have to enter - driving past the sanatorium in Druskininkai, you could already see how the old reception area of the sanatorium had come to life, with its windows decorated with old archive photographs of treatments that were taken in the past. The year 2022 was a very special year for the sanatorium - we celebrated 50 years of the sanatorium's existence, with an abundance of events and gifts that started at the beginning of the year and continued until the end of the year.


In early June, the biggest birthday events of the year were held for employees, representatives of the state and municipalities, a wide range of partners from Lithuania, Germany, Israel and Latvia, colleagues and friends from universities, colleges, sanatoriums and rehabilitation clinics, representatives of the media and business, social partners. We also presented a documentary film, produced especially for this occasion, which tells the story of Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium from the beginning. It has been brought to life with stories and memories by the former managers of the sanatorium, the staff who worked and work here, and many archive photographs. To watch the documentary on our YouTube channel click here.

This August, the 12th annual International Painters’ Plein Air Workshop took place, culminating in the publication of the first ever album in the history of the sanatorium – “Artworks at Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium”. The album presents exceptional works by Lithuanian art classics and works by the great artists of the International Painting Plein Air Workshops, which have been organised for the second decade – ceramic panels, decorative sculptures, stained-glass windows, graphic sheets and paintings, which have been organically integrated into the architecture and various spaces of the sanatorium.

As the festive year draws to a close, we invited long-walkers to take a hike in Druskininkai and its surroundings – a hike organised together with TrenkTur took place on the territory of the sanatorium, where 5 000 hikers started and finished the routes of their choice, ranging from 13 kilometres to the 50 km marking the 50th birthday of the town.



At the Druskininkai Resort Festival in May, we presented a concert by Monica Liu to the residents and guests of the resort. We also welcomed all our customers with a sweet surprise this anniversary year – chocolate. Clients celebrating their 50th birthday were welcomed with a special gift from the spa – a branded mineral water bottle, and staff celebrating their anniversary were presented with branded gowns with their name on them. Also, every Friday throughout the year, employees won a variety of prizes – from desserts to hot air balloon rides!

We also spoiled our customers with lots of sweepstakes and competitions – on our social media accounts, we ran 50 different competitions on Fridays in total. And in June-October, we drew 50 of our guests to win a visit of the same duration for the next time they came.

This year, we happily said “Once an Eglietis, always an Eglietis” and invited our employees who have worked at Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium for over 50 years to come back to the sanatorium and enjoy the pool and sauna complex for free for one day.

This was a year full of excitement and joy for Medical SPA Eglės Sanatorium. And what is in store for 2023? Stay tuned and follow the news!

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Birštonas Druskininkai
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