NEW! “RespiCare” Treatment for Deeper Breathing NEW! “RespiCare” Treatment for Deeper Breathing

NEW! “RespiCare” Treatment for Deeper Breathing

“RespiCare” is a respiratory enhancement device for treatment and prevention that aims to improve respiratory function and respiratory muscles, as well as increase chest mobility, increase blood circulation, improve lung ventilation, and increase the body’s resistance to various respiratory conditions.

The new treatment introduced at medical SPA Eglės sanatorija in Druskininkai is like a gulp of fresh air for your lungs. The treatment is performed while sitting on a “RespiCare” treatment chair while enjoying relaxing music, and breathing correctly. The heating function of the chair support also helps to relax the muscles and provides complete comfort. This treatment increases the amplitude of chest movements and the vital capacity of the lungs, improves blood flow, and oxygen saturation of tissues, normalises blood pressure, and heart rate, relaxes the muscles, and provides relief. The treatment takes 30 minutes.

This treatment is one of the components of the Medical SPA Treatment – Rehabilitation After COVID-19 Virus program administered after consulting a doctor, and assessing the patient’s condition.


Easy breathing with “RespiCare”!

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