Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija

Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija

Birštonas Druskininkai
Services of the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija are available, and you are welcome to visit!

Can I come to Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija now?

Yes, Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija is currently working both in Druskininkai and Birštonas. We safely provide treatment, accommodation and catering services. Information for those coming to Lithuania, click here.


Is the Swimming pool and sauna complex open?

Yes, it is. In the swimming pool and sauna complexes of the medical SPA, you will be able to enjoy fresh water and mineral water pools with the installed underwater currents, relax in the massage baths. In the sauna area, feel the benefits of wellness in various saunas: steam-bath, infrared saunas of various temperature and humidity, and ice chamber. If a swimming pool and sauna complex is not included in your chosen programme, you will need to pay additionally. 

Additionally, every guest of the medical SPA gets hydrorelaxation included in the programme price. During this treatment, you can visit 3 therapeutic saunas, a whirlpool bath, and swimming pools, where no treatments prescribed by the doctor take place at that moment.


How is catering organized?

In Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija, catering is organized on the principle of a buffet.


Are there any leisure activities currently taking place at the Medical SPA?

Small events are organized for guests living in the Medical SPA. Bingo, quizzes, movie nights and live performances are organized in accordance with all safety requirements. You can also rent a bike, make use of basketball and badminton courts, tennis courts, and children’s playground. The medical SPA also has a children’s room, cafes, gyms, table tennis, squash, billiards and other games.


Is it necessary to wear protective equipment for the nose and mouth on the premises of the Medical SPA?



What additional measures are being taken to ensure the safety of employees and clients of the Medical SPA?

We pay special attention to cleanliness and disinfection: we disinfect different surfaces using special products, and we perform disinfection control with a special device. The Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija was awarded the mark SAFE&CLEAN. This shows that the highest safety and cleanliness standards encompassing employee health, client safety, food processing, premise cleaning, and disinfection fields are applied at the medical SPA.


For more information, call +370 313 60220



Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija reserves the right to change the information at any time.


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