Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija

Current Activities at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija

Birštonas Druskininkai
Services of the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija are available, and you are welcome to visit! You are welcome to come with one of the treatment programmes and if you want to recover your body’s functions after COVID-19.

Can I come to Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija now?

Yes, Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija is currently working both in Druskininkai and Birštonas. We safely provide treatment, accommodation and catering services.


Can I come to the Medical SPA for all the programmes offered by the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija?

You can come to Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija in Druskininkai and Birštonas only for  treatment programmes: medical SPA treatment, weekend  treatment programme, medical SPA treatment MINI, medical SPA treatment MAXI, medical SPA treatment-rehabilitation after the COVID-19 virus (this programme is only available in Druskininkai), and special treatment programmes for children or when parents come for one of the Medical SPA treatment programmes. More information about arriving with children can be found here.

Currently, we are unable to offer you the following programmes: Weekend Relaxation Programme, Bed and Breakfast.



Is it necessary to get tested for COVID-19 before coming to the Medical SPA?

No, it is not mandatory to have a negative PCR COVID-19 test before coming to the Medical SPA at one’s own expense; however, we recommend testing before arrival.

If you arrive at the Medical SPA without the test or the test had expired (it was taken more than 72 hours ago), we will take the rapid test in the Medical SPA for free (mandatory). We will not test you if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Less than 180 days have passed after the confirmation of COVID-19 with a PCR test or after doing an antigen test and recovering from COVID-19.
  • Less than 180 days have passed according to the full vaccination schedule from COVID-19.
  • Less than 60 days have passed after doing an antibody test, with the presentation of a positive antibody (anti-S, anti S1 or anti-RBD IgG) test.



How does the swimming pool and sauna complex work?

Water-based treatments assigned by the doctor are organised in the swimming pool and sauna complex.

During the consultation doctor can assign, upon the client’s request, thermotherapy and hydrotherapy in the swimming pool (paid service only for clients staying at the Medical SPA; at the specified time).



Is the treatment centre open?

Yes, the treatment centre is open both in Druskininkai and Birštonas.



How is catering organized?

In Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija, catering is organized on the principle of a buffet, when an employee serves selected food to a client. Every client of the medical SPA is welcome at the canteen during their assigned breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

When going to the catering premises, you must wear protective equipment covering your nose and mouth, disinfect your hands, and wear disposable gloves. Nasal and oral protection and disposable gloves should only be removed during meals.



Are all treatments being administered at the Medical SPA?

Most of the treatments at the Medical SPA are still being provided, but there are several treatments that are unavailable at the moment. If you are interested in a specific treatment, please call +370 313 60220.

Please note that the treatments are prescribed individually by a doctor who has assessed the patient’s health condition during a consultation, and has taken the indications and contraindications of the treatments into consideration. All the prescribed treatments are interconnected, so the best effects on health are achieved by combining them.



Are cafes “Žalias sodas”, “Žalia siena”, and “Burbulas” still working?

No. The cafes “Žalias sodas” (Druskininkai), “Žalia siena” (Birštonas) and “Burbulas” (Druskininkai and Birštonas) are closed.



Is Children’s Playroom open?

No, in accordance with the Government’s requirements for state-wide quarantine, the Children’s Playroom is currently closed.



Is the gym open?

No, in accordance with Government requirements for state-wide quarantine, the gym is closed.



Are there any leisure activities currently taking place at the Medical SPA?

No. No leisure activities (concerts, movie nights, bingo, etc.) are currently being hosted at the Medical SPA.



Is it necessary to wear protective equipment for the nose and mouth on the premises of the Medical SPA?

Yes, in accordance with the Government regulations, all clients (older than 6 years of age) and employees must wear protective equipment covering the nose and mouth (medical face masks or respirators) on the premises of the Medical SPA. Except for the cases, when wearing protective equipment interferes with receiving treatments, as well as during meals, while drinking, or in the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex.



What additional measures are being taken to ensure the safety of employees and clients of the Medical SPA?

  • The majority of the employees that have direct contact with clients are vaccinated against COVID-19. Since many express their desire to be vaccinated, more employees will be vaccinated.
  • All current guests of the Medical SPA have a negative COVID-19 test result, or they are being tested at the Medical SPA, have been vaccinated, already had COVID-19 or have a document confirming the presence of antibodies.
  • We regularly test our employees who have direct contact with the clients.
  • We pay special attention to cleanliness and disinfection: we disinfect different surfaces using special products, and we perform disinfection control with a special device.
  • We regulate flow: clients eat in the canteen only at the time assigned to them, use the elevators alone or with their family members.
  • All services of the Medical SPA are provided ONLY for the clients staying at the Medical SPA.
  • Employees of the Medical SPA have a clear plan of what to do in the possible case of COVID-19 in the Medical SPA and how to stop the spread of the disease fast and effectively.


For more information, call +370 313 60220



Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija reserves the right to change the information at any time.


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