FAQ: how Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija will work from December 16? FAQ: how Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija will work from December 16?

FAQ: how Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija will work from December 16?

Birštonas Druskininkai
After the declaration of the national quarantine from December 16, as a healthcare institution, the Medical SPA continue its mission to help people restore, maintain and strengthen their health. For your and our staff safety, the Medical SPA, as well as the whole country, is applying some changes, but we are ready to provide treatment services safely.

Can I arrive at the Medical SPA with all the programmes?

You can arrive at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija only with treatment programmes: medical SPA Treatment, Weekend Health Care Programme, Medical SPA Treatment MINI, Medical SPA Treatment MAXI. We continue to provide rehabilitation and treatment services to those who arrive with Territorial Patient Fund (TPF) voucher.

We are currently not able to provide these programmes: Weekend Relaxation Programme, Bed and Breakfast, Healthy Workation and Healthy Workation Plus.


Is Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex available?

No. By a decision of the government, the swimming pool and sauna complex are not available.


How is catering organised?

Upon arrival at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija with one of the treatment programmes, the buffet is available when the worker puts the desired food on the client’s plate. Each client is welcome at the canteen at the personally appointed breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

It is still mandatory to enter the catering premises wearing a protective mask covering nose and mouth, after disinfecting one’s hands and wearing disposable gloves. You can take off your mask and gloves while eating only.

Clients of the Medical SPA can also order food and soft drinks to their room from the special menu (additional charge). This service is not available for guests who arrive with TPF voucher.


Can I purchase treatment if I am not staying at the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija?

Yes, but only after a doctor’s consultation, i.e., you have to buy a doctor’s consultation, and he will prescribe suitable treatments for you.


Are cafes “Žalias sodas”, “Žalia siena” and “Burbulas” working?

“Žalias sodas” and “Žalia siena” are closed. “Burbulas” serves food and soft drinks only for takeaway.


Is SPA centre available?

No. By a decision of the government, SPA centres are closed from November 7.


Is Children’s Playroom available?

No. By a decision of the government regarding national quarantine, for your own and others safety, Children’s Playroom will be closed until further notice.


Is the gym available?

No. By a decision of the government regarding national quarantine, gyms are temporarily closed from November 7.


Are there any leisure activities at the Medical SPA?

No. The Medical SPA will not organise leisure activities (concerts, movie nights, bingo, etc.).

Guests of the Medical SPA can take books, board games, crosswords (inquire at the reception).


Are protective devices covering nose and mouth obligatory at the premises of the Medical SPA?

Yes. According to the government’s instructions, all clients (from 6 years of age) and staff must wear protective devices covering nose and mouth (facemasks, respirators), except in cases when it is not possible to provide treatment, while eating, drinking, being outside or at the swimming pool and sauna complex. According to the ANK Article 45 (1) (2), failure to wear protective devices may result in a fine from EUR 500.


What should I do if I experience COVID-19 virus-specific symptoms while at the Medical SPA?

If you experience any of possible symptoms of infection (fever (from 37.3 °C), cough, heavy breathing, sudden loss or weakness of smell or taste, headache and muscle pain, chills, vomiting, diarrhoea), inform the reception via phone and go home immediately, and inform your doctor.


What additional measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the clients and staff at the Medical SPA?

To reduce the number of contacts, the Medical SPA separates the flow of clients (TPF clients and those who arrive at their own expense), and different specialists work with them. The clients receive separate catering, live in different buildings and receive treatment at different rooms or at different time. The temperature is also measured for all guests at the Medical SPA.

Surfaces such as tabletops, door handles, handrails, elevators and their buttons, etc. are disinfected more often, using special products. The Medical SPA has a reliable ventilation system on the premises for large groups of people, and all premises are ventilated additionally at set intervals. Only one person or family members can use the elevator at the same time.


I have a gift voucher that I could not use because of quarantine. What should I do?

For your convenience, all Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija gift vouchers that expire this year (2020) will be automatically renewed until 30/06/2021, regardless of the expiration date specified on the voucher. Note that we can extend only the gift vouchers that were bought directly from the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija.


Important! This information is subject to change; more information available by phone: +370 313 60220.

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