We cure

For centuries, the resort has been famous for natural factors

Usage of mineral water and therapeutic mud nowadays at the medical SPA is combined with advanced technologies. This creates great opportunities for a comprehensive treatment of various diseases and strengthening of the health.

People who come to the medical SPA have an aim to receive some medical or preventive treatment, regain work abilities, and improve well-being. The gentle climate of the resort, clean air of the pine forests and quiet surroundings help to productively relax, and gain physical and internal strength.

Specifically, for in-depth diagnostics of your body and assessment of health condition, additional diagnostic procedures and consultations of qualified specialists may be administered.

Medically treated diseases/disorders by

Licence No. 1247:

  • locomotor system
  • nervous system (neurological)
  • blood circulatory system (cardiological)
  • respiratory system (pulmonary)
  • traumatological-orthopedic
  • oncological
  • endocrine
  • gynecological
  • digestive system
  • skin disorders
  • kidney diseases