Reflexotherapic track Reflexotherapic track

Reflexotherapic track

Reflexotherapy trail in Druskininkai, which is situated near the buvette, is the trail laid with various stones, created by linking old spiritual practices and Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Chinese Dao philosophy, martial art and health art Tai chi, traditional Chinese medicine – acupressure, German monk Sebastian Kneipp’s naturopathic medicine, Aura-Soma (colors, stones, crystals), modern knowledge of physics, anatomy, physiology and adapting this all to our nature.

When a person is walking barefoot on a reflexotherapy trail, stones of various colors and sizes press the biologically active points on the feet, which are associated with our internal organs. The more gentle, smoother the pressure of the stones is, the more soothing and relaxing effect on the central nervous system occurs, the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system is also restored. The stronger the pressure is, the more active the stimulation of the human body systems is.

This natural foot massage removes fatigue, irritability, insomnia, improves workability, memory, and helps to concentrate attention. It also strengthens leg muscles, ligaments, improves posture, develops balance, and changes the concept of pain. It is an effective tool for organism tempering and disease prevention.