Herbal garden

Special medicinal herbs garden in Druskininkai

– opened in the summer of 2017

It is open-air aromatherapy, which has enchanted the inhabitants of “Eglės sanatorija”, city guests and residents of Druskininkai very soon. Walking through the paths in the herbal garden, you will breathe fresh air, enjoy the tranquillity, greenery, different herbal plantations. For example, lavender flourishing in the garden has a soothing, spasmolytic and antiseptic effect, it is used in the aromatherapy for tension relieving, migraine and sleep disorders treatment. Mint is the plant which has exceptional, excellent aroma and a soothing, breathing-improving effect. In addition, it has long been known that thyme is suitable for treating almost every disease.

Perhaps nobody will deny that the smell of lilacs is enchanting, and the brightly coloured monarda is the plant which pleases not only with colour, but also with a gentle aroma. In the herbal garden, you will find many different herbs – symbols of tranquillity and eternity, which have a sweet, luscious, soothing scent. There are many trees in the garden – pines, ginkgos, junipers, apple trees. Here you can get acquainted with different plants, see how they look, see in what time of year they bloom. There are benches in the garden, so you can take it slow, sit down, read a book, chat with friends or just spend time alone and meditate.

So, enjoy aromatherapy in the fresh air, it perfectly heals even the tired soul.