Comfort levels
Comfort becomes one of the main criteria for choosing not only recreational trips but also health improvement services. The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” since June 1, 2018 has introduced to its guests the opportunity to choose the desired level of comfort – Economy, Standard or Comfort – for usage of the health improvement and recreation services.
Economy rooms
Economy – the comfort level corresponds to the widely known classical medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”. The guests of the medical SPA choosing economy level accommodation will access most of the medical procedures (treatment facility), canteen and mineral water buvette walking by the outdoor paths.
Standard rooms
Standard – the standard comfort level may be called “the golden middle”. The guests of the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” who chose this level of comfort will stay in the renewed rooms, and have possibility to access most of the medical procedures (treatment facility) and mineral water buvette walking in bathrobes and not caring about the bad weather.
Comfort rooms
Comfort – the highest comfort level for guests who want exceptional accommodation. Having chosen the comfort level, guests the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” will have access to the procedures wearing a bathrobe, and will also reach the mineral water buvette, the canteen and various places of the leisure activities without going outdoors.
Catering is of Swedish table type, and three meals a day are offered. You will have possibility to choose dishes from the wide and balanced Swedish table menu. Along with everyday foods, traditional Lithuanian dishes, you will be offered diet foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, cold and hot drinks, and desserts.