Internal regulations


  1. Guests shall be accommodated in rooms according to their selected comfort level, except for the exceptions specified in the internal rules of procedure regarding the patients arriving for the healthcare services paid by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.
  2. Catering for the guests shall be organised and provided according to the chosen level of comfort.
  3. Services shall be paid for in advance on the day of arrival.
  4. Guests shall follow the general order in the medical SPA (staying quiet, no disturbing other guests, no riding scooters, segways, skateboards, or other similar vehicles in all premises).
  5. It is forbidden to smoke in the premises of Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija, including balconies, terraces and rooms, except for the designated and marked areas. Fine – 100 EUR.
  6. No violating the right to one’s image, the right to privacy, and the protection of personal data of other persons present in the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija.
  7. Parents and/or other legal representatives of the children and/or other adults that are legally responsible for the supervision of the child are responsible for the care and safety of the children.
  8. A late check-out (later than 12 pm) is charged with a late check-out fee except for the cases when a late check-out is specified in the treatment programme.
  9. It is forbidden to stay with pets in the medical SPA.
  10. From 10 PM to 7 AM is a quiet time. Guests shall be quiet and respect others’ rest.
  11. The medical SPA shall not be liable for the belongings, documents, money, etc., left in rooms, unsupervised cloakrooms, or other premises. Guests must protect their belongings themselves.
  12. It is forbidden for the visitors of the guests to stay in the medical SPA without paying for the accommodation services. The guest is responsible for the payment of the accommodation.
  13. Guests and their visitors shall be responsible for the damage caused to the medical SPA or its employees in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  14. It is forbidden to take the food and drinks away from the canteen, except for the fruits and/or takeout intended for takeout and coordinated with the canteen when the fed guest of the medical SPA is ill.
  15. The provision of the accommodation services might be terminated for the guest who violates the accommodation rules and poses a threat to the health, life, or their, other guests’ or employees of the medical SPA property. In this case, the amount paid for the services that are not provided due to the guest’s fault is not refunded.
  16. For violations of the accommodation rules and according to the level of the violation and repetitiveness, the guest might be included in the list of unwanted guests of the medical SPA by the decision of administration after notifying the guest.
  17. A fine of 20 EUR for a lost key (card) shall be applied.
  18. In the case of early check-out, penalties are applied: 30 % of the value of unused services, except for the exceptional cases (e.g. patient’s illness, death of a relative, etc.).

These accommodation rules (The extract of Internal Procedure Rules*) are an informational summary of the MEDICAL SPA Internal Procedure Rules and do not modify them.