The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai is like a separate health resort campus (located not far away from the city centre) that has been servicing visitors for more than 46 years since its opening in 1972. The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in 2018 underwent renewal including renovation of B block, construction of the glass gallery connecting the A, B, and C blocks with the mineral water buvette (pumping room) and medical facilities. Clients have possibility to choose the comfort level according to their wishes from the Economy, Standard and Comfort. Each level of comfort is specified by its advantages.

The economy comfort level corresponds to the economy class and is suitable for lovers of the classical medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” who like to walk in the fresh air as most of the procedures and medical facilities are accessible by the outdoor paths. The standard comfort level corresponds to the medium comfort class, which is like the golden middle. Most of the services are available without going out as the medical facilities (procedures) may be accessed by the newly built glass gallery. Walking by it like by the pine forest path, merely in soft bathrobes and slippers from A, B and C blocks of the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”, you can access the renewed mineral water buvette and medical facilities. The comfort corresponds to the highest level of comfort. Guests staying in rooms of this block (formerly “Eglė +”) can access medical treatment, catering and entertainment services without going outside. It is important to note that despite the level of comfort chosen, all clients receive the same highest quality health improvement and medical treatment services.

Guests staying at the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai can choose single, double or family double rooms, mini double, lux class rooms, rooms for disabled people, and rooms for people suffering from allergies with anti-allergic flooring. At the same time the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai can host up to 1,300 people. The medical SPA currently is the largest in Lithuania as well as in all the Northern Europe.

The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” cherishes long-standing medical treatment traditions, and in Druskininkai offers its guests a wide range of treatment and health improvement procedures – from traditional mud and mineral water bath procedures to innovative physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy procedures and various workouts.

  • Eglės sanatorija obtained Europespa Med certificat
    “EuropeSpa” is the official ESPA quality assessment system and “EuropeSpa’s” certification system is known as one of the strictest in the field of European health.
  • Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was established in Druskininkai
    1972 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was established in Druskininkai, the rehabilitation center was adapted for treating people.
  • New buildings
    1986 New buildings of Žilvinas and the administrative building were installed (later the second Žilvinas block was arranged too), allowing to accommodate even more visitors.
  • Reconstruction of mineral water drinking fountain
    1993 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” received a more influential influx of visitors in Druskininkai at the beginning of the mineral water house, which is famous not only in Lithuania.
  • Reorganization
    1995 The state medical SPA was reorganized into the JSC medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”.
  • Renovations
    2003-2006 In the summer, in order to adapt to the needs of its clients and provide them with even more comfort, medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” started the renovation marathon. First of all, the renovation of the residential block Eglė 1C was started. In the long run, residential blocks Eglė 1A and 1B, block Eglė 2 […]
  • Eglė+
    2009 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” expanded, a new complex “Eglė+” was opened in Druskininkai, which unites living rooms, a health center, a canteen and leisure facilities under one roof.
  • “Eglės sanatorija” in Birštonas
    2013 One more important project was implemented – medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was opened in Birštonas.
  • Extension
    2014 In June, the second four-storey A block of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was opened in Birštonas. It features a reception, a café, a spacious canteen, physiotherapy hall, gyms, etc. Throughout its lifetime, the medical SPA has grown rapidly, with an increasing number of procedures and services.
  • Even more modernizations
    2018 In the spring, B block of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai was renovated, A and C blocks were refurbished, a glass gallery was built, connecting A, B, C blocks with mineral water house and the health center. Guests of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai have the opportunity to choose one of three […]
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