Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex

Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex

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Attention! Pursuant to the order by the government, for your own safety Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex will be closed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

In Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex you will find one of the largest complexes of pools and baths in the region. There you can enjoy three different freshwater and mineral water pools with underwater massage currents, whirlpool and vertical baths.

In the sauna area can choose from 8 different saunas – steam baths of different temperatures, infrared sauna, saunas of different temperatures and humidity, Himalayan salt bath, hammam and ice room. For the little guests, there is children’s swimming pool.


Important information: to close clothes cabinets in the checkroom you need a coin (1 EUR) as deposit

Durations 120 min Price A Price B
I–IV 18–22
Therapeutic baths and pools 8 € 12 €
Children aged 3-6 2 € 4 €
Children aged 7-16 4 € 6 €
Family ticket ** 19 € 29 €

V 16–22
VI 14–22
VII 14–21
and holiday period***

Therapeutic baths and pools 10 € 22 €
Children aged 3-6 3 € 7 €
Children aged 7-16 5 € 11 €
Family ticket** 24 € 52 €

* A price – for guests accommodated in the medical SPA

* B price – for clients purchasing particular procedures and medical tests.

** Family ticket for 2 adults + 2 children up to 16 years old

*** Pre-holiday/holiday work hours are specified the news section

Public holidays 2020: 16/02, 11/03, 12/04, 13/04, 01/05, 24/06, 06/07, 15/08, 01/11, 24/12, 25/12, 01/01/2012. Public holidays and the changes in the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex business hours are specified in the news section.

The Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex is closed for visitors during the day; group activities take place during the day (Aquatic Physiotherapy, Gymstick and Zumba Aqua workouts).


The guests of the Medical SPA who receive medical treatment, stay for the night and have breakfast are invited to swim in the pool every morning from 7.00 to 9.00 free of charge.

Morning pool price for the other guests

Procedure Work hours Price
Morning swim in
the pool
I–V 6.30–9.00

VI–VII 6.30–10.00

6 €
Children aged 3–6 2 €
Children aged 7–15 3 €


During the “quiet hour” the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex in Birštonas may be attended only by adults (older than 16 years old).

The “quiet hour” – I-VI from 21:00 till 22:00