The procedures at the medical SPA center are carried out using French cosmetics PHYTOMER of marine origin. The use of this cosmetics had begun in 1972, marking the discovery of marine cosmetics: a new way to take care of the skin by using numerous elements of the marine world. The sea is the best source of natural ingredients. Cosmetics are designed for maximum pleasure, relaxation and health of the client.

Telephone numbers for reservations: +370 319 42 142 or  +370 633 05 332

SPA procedures


Punctuality. Come to the medical SPA center 10-15 minutes before the procedure, so that you can change your clothes in no hurry, set yourself up for the procedure. Tardiness can shorten the duration of your procedure and thus reduce its effectiveness. The procedure may not be performed if the patient is late for 15 minutes or more without warning. The time indicated near the procedures includes time to prepare for the procedure, so please do not be late and respect the time allotted for you. Punctuality and responsibility are one of the most important values that influence the quality of your relaxation and good emotions.

Cancellation of a visit. If you are forced to cancel the booked procedure, try to do this as soon as possible. If this is a single procedure, try to report at least before 24 hours, and if two procedures or more – before two days (48 hours). So you will express your respect to the specialist, administrator and other guests of the medical SPA center.

Warning of the specialist. At the beginning of the procedure, inform the SPA staff about your health (allergies, recent operations, medicines used, etc.) that may influence the procedure. Not all procedures are suitable for everyone.

  • Be sure to let the specialists know if you are pregnant, they will select the procedure that is suitable for expectant mothers.
  • Before facial procedures, please report about contact lenses, dentures, braces, implants, long-lasting injection procedures.
  • In case of some skin and nail diseases, SPA staff may refuse to perform procedures.