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Amber SPA

Amber SPA offers a set of unique procedures that help to use the amber energy accumulated over millions of years for enhancement of human health. To mention among the exclusive health care procedures, there is the amber encrusted infrared sauna, and a special ritual of massage with amber oil and amber dust performed on the massage table encrusted with the amber from the Baltic Sea, as well as procedures with amber water that are exceptionally health improving as they not only give relaxation but also strengthen the immune system.

Telephones for reservation +370 319 42 142 or +370 633 05 332

Amber SPA procedures

As people’s wisdom tells, stress will almost disappear if you rub the ambers in your palms. Procedures performed at the Amber SPA will not only eliminate the stress that might have accumulated over the long period but will also help you to discover more magic powers of the amber.