What is medical SPA treatment? What is medical SPA treatment?

What is medical SPA treatment?

Medical SPA treatment is a treatment based on natural and reshaped factors, based on old traditions integrated into modern medicine, in order to ensure or restore good health, to help prevent health problems. Medical SPA treatment includes motion, walking, mineral water, massage, and psychotherapy.

Each disease or illness has many different types that depend on the stage of the disease. The disease may be acute or in remission. During the remission, the disease temporarily recedes, and its symptoms reduce. It is at this time that Medical SPA treatment is the most effective and especially necessary.

Climate therapy

Is the use of a variety of climatic factors and localities for the treatment, the purpose of which is to restore the biological link between the organism and the external environment (sun, air temperature, humidity, wind). A person loses these connections without even feeling it, by living in “premises climate” or “climate underneath the clothing” conditions.


It is the treatment with mineral water which, due to its special chemical composition and specific physical properties, positively affects body malfunctions, therefore, it is used for improving the immune system, treatment and rehabilitation.


It is the treatment with fango-paraffin and therapeutic mud. They affect the body temperature by mechanical, chemical and biological stimulators stimulating skin receptors.

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The famous natural factors used for centuries at the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”, mineral water and curative mud, are combined with modern technologies, as well as kinesitherapy, psychotherapy, ergotherapy and many more. This creates opportunities for comprehensive treatment of various illnesses, helping to strengthen the organism.

Every person in the medical SPA is seen as an indivisible whole. When something hurts, the pain travels by the nerves to the central nervous system, thus forming a focal point that changes the positive thoughts to the negative. The stronger the pain, the more irritated the focus is – the person becomes grumpy, angry and unable to work, the morphology of the neurons changes. The purpose of medical SPA treatment is to achieve an irritant effect (called irritant treatment), when new foci are formed in the central nervous system by using natural factors, mineral baths, ergotherapy, psychotherapy, etc. They are formed in order to “turn on” all the body organs and thus activate the healing processes. When pain is suppressed, neurons return to their normal initial state and negative emotions eventually disappear.

According to the specialists, SPA treatment is recommended twice a year.