Water vaporization tower Water vaporization tower

Water vaporization tower

The only one in Lithuania is the “Druskupis” mineral water evaporation building in Birštonas, where you can enjoy the exceptionally healthy “sea effect” air. People living at the resort and arriving city guests can try the open-air inhalations, strengthen the health and temper the body with light therapy. Right in the central city park, the tower-pavilion is situated, it is opened and has an original architecture, with mineral water fountain and salt gallery. Mineral water flowing down the walls of the evaporator is exposed to wind and sun, so it evaporates naturally in the water evaporation tower and allows you to breathe with healthy “sea effect” air saturated with useful minerals, within a radius of 50-80 m around the tower. The air enriched with mineral water drops has the same effect as the breathing with sea air, so you feel as if you are walking along the seashore. Mineral water is supplied to the “Druskupis” evaporation tower from the mineral water spring called “Rūta”. The “sea effect” air emitted by the evaporator allows for complex reconciliation of rehabilitation procedures and health promotion by means of natural factors in Birštonas medical SPAs, which will enhance the effectiveness of treatment, and will help the patients to get back on their feet. Breathing with salt-saturated air is especially useful for patients with various respiratory diseases, besides, this kind of air is especially good for skin – it becomes smoother, more elastic and brighter when exposed to mineral water. Meditation together with bubbling water observing improves general state and helps to overcome nervous tension.

Information is taken from www.visitbirstonas.lt