About us

The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Birštonas, which is situated in the picturesque regional park at the loops of the Nemunas River, which is the greatest in Lithuania, opened its door comparatively recently as the first residential complex and medical treatment centre was opened in 2013. The medical SPA is situated in a unique location, and the most fabulous natural landscape opens itself behind the windows.

The medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Birštonas presents a complex comprised of four interconnected parts allowing the guests of the medical SPA comfortably and without going out reach any place of the medical SPA including the health care centre, living rooms, canteen, etc. The medical SPA offers modern single, double or double joint rooms, lux class suites, rooms for disabled people, and rooms for people suffering from allergies with anti-allergic flooring. The rooftop is equipped with an especially popular sunbathing terrace. A total of 730 guests can stay at the medical SPA at one time.

Being situated in the place of health resorts famous for springs of mineral water, the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” invites you to acquire health and strength from the healing mineral water and healing black and white mud derived from the private drills and resources of the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”, and pamper yourself with rituals of “Gintaras SPA”, relaxation procedures of the SPA Centre and more than100 various procedures offered to our guests at the medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Birštonas.



Each employee’s work is significant and important. By choosing to become a member of the Eglės team, I take full responsibility and I am committed to working diligently, fairly and honestly every day. I care about our future, so I am not holding off and I will start working. Our agreement that all co-workers should follow this work policy increases mutual trust and ensures that we will achieve our mutual goals easier and more smoothly.


Our aim – happy and satisfied customers because that ensures a successful business. We do our best to make our clients feel important, welcomed and listen to them. We create the right expectations, and we do not make our clients wait: we kindly and helpfully provide the necessary information. We adopt the behaviour to encourage our clients to return and recommend us to others. It is better to have a complaining client than a silent one. If our client is dissatisfied, we did something wrong. A satisfied client is a happy client.


Our success and employees’ satisfaction depend on the ability to work in a team. Therefore, we respect our co-workers, their work and their time. We can help, encourage and support, if necessary. We are colleagues, and we work together in one direction.


Tolerance and respect are the transparency and ability to understand others, to sympathise and provide support. All co-workers and clients are equal and should be treated with respect, regardless of their gender, age, culture, race, political beliefs, duties, nationality or mood.


Health is physical, spiritual and social well-being and is very important for us all. This is the aim of our Medical SPA. A human being is body, mind, emotions and behaviour. Therefore, we protect ourselves and others. We cherish our health and take care of our physical, emotional and psychological state.


We aim to continuously improve ourselves, to be open-minded, change and grow. Therefore, we are moving forward and embrace change. We know that learning is an everyday practice, so we are interested in innovations and knowledge. We are constantly thinking about how we can improve our daily activities. We understand the importance of feedback (review) on our achievements and effort, as well as the importance and benefit that help us grow.

  • Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was established in Druskininkai
    1972 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was established in Druskininkai, the rehabilitation center was adapted for treating people.
  • New buildings
    1986 New buildings of Žilvinas and the administrative building were installed (later the second Žilvinas block was arranged too), allowing to accommodate even more visitors.
  • Reconstruction of mineral water drinking fountain
    1993 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” received a more influential influx of visitors in Druskininkai at the beginning of the mineral water house, which is famous not only in Lithuania.
  • Reorganization
    1995 The state medical SPA was reorganized into the JSC medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija”.
  • Renovations
    2003-2006 In the summer, in order to adapt to the needs of its clients and provide them with even more comfort, medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” started the renovation marathon. First of all, the renovation of the residential block Eglė 1C was started. In the long run, residential blocks Eglė 1A and 1B, block Eglė 2 […]
  • Eglė+
    2009 Medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” expanded, a new complex “Eglė+” was opened in Druskininkai, which unites living rooms, a health center, a canteen and leisure facilities under one roof.
  • “Eglės sanatorija” in Birštonas
    2013 One more important project was implemented – medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was opened in Birštonas.
  • Extension
    2014 In June, the second four-storey A block of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” was opened in Birštonas. It features a reception, a café, a spacious canteen, physiotherapy hall, gyms, etc. Throughout its lifetime, the medical SPA has grown rapidly, with an increasing number of procedures and services.
  • Even more modernizations
    2018 In the spring, B block of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai was renovated, A and C blocks were refurbished, a glass gallery was built, connecting A, B, C blocks with mineral water house and the health center. Guests of medical SPA “Eglės sanatorija” in Druskininkai have the opportunity to choose one of three […]
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  • Eglės sanatorija obtained Europespa Med certificat
    EuropeSpa med certificate
    “EuropeSpa” is the official ESPA quality assessment system and “EuropeSpa’s” certification system is known as one of the strictest in the field of European health.
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