All inclusive for your health! All inclusive for your health!

All inclusive for your health!

Birštonas Druskininkai
Guests of the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija can take care of their health in extremely comfortable conditions, explore the vast choice of services and fully enjoy every moment, because we have all included for your health! Our medical SPA treatment has been there for our clients for many years. It has already included medical procedures, accommodation in the room of choice, three meals a day, daily hydrorelaxation and leisure activities. Now, based on the wishes of many clients, we made these programs even better.

Visitors also get access to the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex in the evening, unlimited meals during the restaurant and snack bar’s work hours, extra sport activities every day, free usage of the relaxation zones and many recreational activities.

Our visitors now have free access to the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex every evening. Fresh and mineral water pools, massage jets, therapeutic saunas and whirlpools are available to the guests.

Clients can relax in the swimming pools and three therapeutic saunas during the day’s water treatments.

The restaurant service has also undergone long-awaited changes. Now clients can enjoy lunch at any time convenient for them. Regular breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be attended more than once during the day. In addition, hungry guests will be able to grab a bite in snack bars, where they will find a sufficient variety of oatmeal, cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits and other healthy snacks.

In addition to made-up beds and washed dishes, guests will find an extra cup of coffee and tea every day in their rooms every day. Guests staying in Standard and Comfort Suites in Birshtonas and Druskininkai can make their own coffee in the coffee machine.

New all-inclusive services are available for those who come for spa treatment programs and for TLK customers who choose to stay with a surcharge.

For resort guests who want to actively participate in sports and exercise, additional “Be Active” sports activities are organized every day in the afternoon.

All clients can sign up at the Medical SPA reception for their favorite massages with rollers, physiotherapy in the gym with Gymstick or in the water with Gymstick Aqua, as well as concentration exercises, stress training or Nordic Walking. Resort entertainment – basketball and tennis courts, game centers – are now free for everyone.

As before, you can enjoy your free time every day in the Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija in Birštonas and Druskininkai in the evenings with live music, movies, dances, quizzes and bingo.

All-inclusive for your health!


  • Doctor’s consultation
  • 5 therapeutic procedures per day
  • Mineral water in the Mineral Water Buvette (on doctor’s prescription)
  • New! 3 meals a day (buffet) and snack bar: brunch and dinner (unlimited visits at all meals)
  • Accommodation in the room type of your choice
  • Hydro-relaxation (visits to the swimming pool and sauna complex during the day) every day
  • New! Unlimited visits to the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex every evening
  • New! Additional “Be Active” group workouts
  • Leisure activities (music evenings, tennis courts, billiards, etc.)



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