10 years – 10 gifts! 10 years – 10 gifts!

10 years – 10 gifts!

Birštonas Druskininkai
Comfort complex at medical SPA Eglės sanatorija in Druskininkai on 14 March-14 April celebrates its 10th anniversary!

A decade ago, in 2009, in the town of Druskininkai, “Eglės sanatorija” presented a different approach to the medical SPA, and along with the new approach, “Eglė+” complex was born. In the summer of 2018, this complex, after “Eglės sanatorija” had presented three levels of comfort, it changed its name to Comfort and now, from March 14, it will celebrate the 10th anniversary with a blast!

10 YEARS – 10 GIFTS!

Gifts that await EVERY “Eglė Sanatorija” Comfort guest in Druskininkai, arriving from March 14 to April 14 for three or more days with medical SPA treatments:

  1. Health-improving cocktail
  2. Coffee/tea and cake
  3. A case for the card of treatments
  4. Dark chocolate with rose petals
  5. Mineral bath additive – aromatic litsea, or may chang, essential oil
  6. White mud additive – lavender essential oil
  7. Posture test
  8. Forest path
  9. Visit to the swimming pool and sauna complex (daily)
  10. The Well of Happiness (during lunch and dinner)

and it is just the beginning of the fun

  • Everyone born on March 14 is invited to celebrate Comfort birthday together: guests arriving between March 14 and April 14 will be treated with dinner: you will enjoy freshly prepared mussels and a glass of wine; our little guests will have a special birthday dessert and milk cocktail (one time).
  • Throughout the month, medical SPA guests will be entertained with a variety of surprises, festivities, concerts, an exhibition of Comfort historical photos, and special places for photos where you can capture your stay at “Eglės sanatorija”.

Throughout the month, from March 14 to April 14 – every day is a celebration!

To book now, click here or call +370 313 60220

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